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The 10 best tablets on Amazon, from Apple to Fire and Samsung

We are genuinely obsessed with the GrandPad. It’s a tablet designed for senior citizens to make it that much easier to use technology (we should have invented it, TBH). With easy to use icons to call someone, check emails and view photos, life has never been easier.

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Scott Lien Of GrandPad On The Future of The Internet of Things (IoT), And How It May Improve Our Health & Our Lives

Scott is the co-founder and CEO of GrandPad, the purpose-built tablet for people over the age of 75. Scott has served in executive-level technology leadership positions for Fortune 100 companies. He started GrandPad just eight years ago with his son Isaac, and the device is now being used to connect more than 1.4 million people — including seniors and their families, friends, and caregivers — in 120 countries.

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GrandPad Reviews [2022] Have You Heard of Tablets Explicitly Made for Older Adults?

Even though most boomers and seniors are more tech-friendly than ever, for those older than 80, hard of hearing, or sight-impaired, all the features on today’s smartphones are built by 30-year-olds for 30-year-olds. The founder Scott Lien created the GrandPad for older people after his mother-in-law struggled with smartphones and computers.

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GrandPad Review: Stay in Touch with Loved Ones No Matter Their Tech-Savvyness

Technology has made a huge leap forward in the intervening 20 years, and now people have significantly more options for keeping in touch with elderly relatives. GrandPad thinks they have developed a smooth and easy way to keep grandparents and families connected. Does it work? Read on to find out!

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Social Impact Tech Review: The Ten Best Tablets for Seniors

These days, Internet connectivity is considered a basic necessity, and for seniors, it can be a major source of protection against social isolation. Up to 90% of seniors have an internet connection through a home desktop or laptop computer, according to Pew Research Center, and a majority of seniors have begun to adopt mobile technologies as well.

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Futurism Review: The GrandPad Tablet is Designed to Keep Seniors Connected

A new tablet called GrandPad is designed to keep seniors connected and entertained the same way most of us stay in touch: through technology. Even if the user has never sent an email in their life, the tablet’s dead-simple interface and endlessly helpful support open the tablet up to just about everyone.

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Wired Magazine: The Best Tablets for Work and Play

If you have a family member that has a hard time with technology and you want to maintain easy contact with them, the GrandPad (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is your best bet.

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St. Louis County Library GrandPad program expands, hopes to distribute 1,500 more tablets

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — The GrandPad tablet program is expanding at the St. Louis County Library. The library is providing more of the tablets to help older adults access technology and connect with their loved ones.

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Watch now: St. Louis County Library expands its program to provide tablets to older adults

St. Louis County Executive Sam Page and St. Louis County Library Director Kristen Sorth on Wednesday, June 22, 2022 discuss the expansion of the GrandPad tablet Program. The library will be offering an additional 1,500 tablets for adults aged 75 and older.

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Social Impact Tech: Scott Lien of GrandPad On How Their Technology Will Make An Important Positive Impact

Our mission at GrandPad is to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, social isolation for older adults so we can reconnect seniors to family, friends, and caregivers, and to community resources.

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Tech Tuesday
Tech Tuesday - GrandPad- A smart, simple, and secure way to stay connected!

Nathan Vogt, Director of Strategic Accounts at GrandPad joins Abbie for Tech Tuesday!  Discover how GrandPad is improving the lives of millions of seniors by connecting them with family, friends and caregivers.

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Tips from Experts: The Best Hobbies for Seniors |

Maintaining occupied and active is important, especially for older adults at higher risk for loneliness and boredom. This age group often has time on hand to use however they would like to. A fun and great way to use this time are to find and do activities that you love, whether that is reading or bicycling.

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GrandPad Expands Language Capabilities to Nearly 40 languages for Senior-Friendly Tablet and Free Companion App | PRweb

GrandPad, the purpose-built tablet for people over the age of 75, announced today that it has expanded the language capabilities in its tablet and free Companion App to include nearly 40 languages. The enhanced language functionality underscores the company’s commitment to making technology accessible for all seniors — regardless of age, race, or ability level — and their caregivers.

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How Technology Designed for Seniors Can Stave Off Social Isolation | Growing Bolder

One of the best ways to foster healthy aging is to pursue creative expression. The opportunities to get engaged in the arts are not just reserved for those “right brained” individuals who are natural-born painters. While drawing and sculpting are great activities, we can also get creative while cooking, inventing, sewing, dancing, crafting, taking photos, and playing an instrument. No matter what form of the arts suits you best, one easy way to improve overall health and wellbeing is just to listen to music.

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St. Louis Post-Dispatch
St. Louis County Library is award finalist for service during pandemic - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Throughout the pandemic, St. Louis County Library worked with a variety of community partners to provide critical resources to the region. Efforts included using branch parking lots to distribute over 2 million drive-thru meals with Operation Food Search, providing emergency diapers and period supply kits from the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank, and issuing thousands of Chromebooks and Wi-Fi hotspots to area students to assist with virtual learning, as well as providing GrandPad tablets to help older adults access technology and stay connected through the Digital Equity Initiative.

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Top 8 Phones To Buy For Your Grandparents, Sunbeam F1, Moto G Power, And more | IWMBuzz

While there is a continual stream of new phone releases virtually every day, the elderly are frequently overlooked. So here’s a list of phones for their convenience.

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Staying connected | Features |

While we’ve long been a digital world, the pandemic found us using virtual communication more than ever before. And for people who took pride in eschewing technology or maybe just had a little trouble figuring it out, inability to Zoom meant not seeing loved ones. Fortunately, Scott Lien was ahead of the game.

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This Easy Tablet Helps Seniors Stay in Touch with Loved Ones - Story Studio –

Life in the Information Age, while exciting, is not without its challenges. It feels like every time the latest technology is learned, something new comes along to replace it. For seniors, the technology boom we’re experiencing has the potential to feel intimidating or downright impossible to participate in.  As society forges ahead, it’s crucial to make sure our seniors don’t get left behind. That’s where GrandPad comes in.

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US News & World Report
GrandPad Named Top Digital Device Option for Seniors - US News & World Report

When it comes to cellphone features and options, the choices can be overwhelming, especially when considering the unique needs of older adults. But when you know your needs and have a budget in mind, you can find the right fit for a happy cellular relationship.

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Growing Bolder
How Technology Designed for Seniors Can Stave Off Social Isolation | Growing Bolder

One of life’s greatest blessings as we grow older is the gift of time. For many, this means more opportunities to travel, stay physically active, pursue creative passions, learn new skills and find new hobbies. Above all, we’re given the chance to get closer to loved ones and reconnect with family and friends around the world everyday.

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St. Louis Dispatch
A Tablet for the Older Generation - Twin Cities Business

GrandPad aims to eliminate the digital divide faced by the older generation with its senior-friendly device: Amid today’s highly saturated market for cellular devices and communication apps, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, especially for the 75-plus crowd. That’s part of the reason that Hopkins-based entrepreneur Scott Lien decided to launch a new tablet designed with the older adults set in mind.

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St. Louis Dispatch
A Grand plan: STL County allocates $2M for popular GrandPad Tablets - The St. Louis American

The St. Louis County Library GrandPad tablet program is helping senior residents connected with loved one and health care professionals throughout the pandemic and the popular initiative will continue. GrandPad has received $2 million in American Rescue Plan Act [ARPA] funding from St. Louis County and will continue to assist residents over the age of 75 to access technology and stay connected with the world.

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St. Louis Dispatch
ARPA funds assigned to continue, expand GrandPad program - Call Newspapers

St. Louis County has allocated $2 million in American Rescue Plan Act funding to continue the GrandPad tablet program in conjunction with the St. Louis County Library. The GrandPad tablet is designed to meet the needs of those over the age of 75 to access technology and stay connected to loved ones throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The initial 1,500 GrandPad tablets were purchased using $1 million in federal CARES Act funds.

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St. Louis Dispatch
St. Louis County allocates money for more library GrandPad tablets - ST. Louis Post-Dispatch

About 3,000 St. Louis County seniors will be able to access the internet this year with GrandPad tablets: The county has allocated $2 million in American Rescue Plan Act funding to continue the GrandPad tablet program in conjunction with the St. Louis County Library, the library said in a news release Wednesday.

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GrandPad tablet can be the best thing that the senior citizens will want to use

The rapid advancement in technology is no doubt a boon but only for those who can make the most out of it. Unfortunately, senior citizens who are well past their prime rarely fall in the above category. Ironically, it is technology itself that has come to the rescue of the seniors in the form of the GrandPad tablet.

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Quality time, assistive tech, good food: what older adults actually want for the holidays - Cherry Hill Courier Post

For many people, gifts for the older adults in their lives can often be an afterthought. As people age, they tend to just buy the things they want instead of waiting for gifts from others, making holiday shopping for older relatives and friends a bit more difficult.

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GrandPad helps super seniors stay connected, play games and stay safe

GrandPad is the perfect gift for grandparents 75+ who might find technology overwhelming but still want to text and Skype with grandkids.

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GrandPad: One-of-a-kind Tablet/Phone for Older Adults Surprisingly Flexible

Dear Readers: You may have heard of the GrandPad, a uniquely designed, purpose-built tablet for older adults that’s an international hit. A fun fact that many local people may enjoy is that Scot Lien, GrandPad’s CEO can be found working and living in Wabasha, Minn. The Iowa native and his family fell in love with the river town in 1995, maintaining a presence there even before becoming full-time residents. GrandPad came to be because Lien noticed that his mother had trouble with cell phones and computers. Determined to find a solution, he recruited advisors in their 80s and 90s, and with their input, he and his son Isaac created the GrandPad. Lien continues to maintain a board of “grand advisors.”

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Cool Christmas Gifts for Men – Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Shopping for men can be tough. So we’re here to help with our Holiday Gift Guide for Men. Check out these cool Christmas gifts for men fo. We’re continually searching out the best gift ideas and adding them here in this gift guide for guys. Some of the items in this guide use affiliate links, some items are from our sponsors, and all are perfect for any guy on your list.

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Christmas Ideas For Women – Holiday Gift Guide

Are you looking for fabulous Christmas ideas for women? Whether you’re shopping for your mother, sister, daughter, aunt, best friend or wife, our Holiday Gift Guide for Women has all the best Christmas gifts for her.

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Useful Tech Gadgets for the Elderly in 2021

Technology has evolved over the last 20 years, making it much easier for everyone to learn, work and shop. But some elders may not realize how all these can help them, especially if they have never used the high-tech devices and gadgets that offer solutions to their everyday problems. The recent pandemic has proven that they need technology to live. Keep reading to discover more about the tech gadgets that would be essential for the elders.

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Marilyn Brown's Decision to Leave County Commission Shines Light on the Caregiving Crisis

Traditional ideals of caregiving revolve around providing physical support—cooking, cleaning, driving, dressing, administering medication, shopping. But caregiving comes with a tremendous amount of emotional heavy lifting as well.

One tool she discovered to help her do this more effectively, especially from afar, is the GrandPad, a tabletlike device with large buttons and an intuitive interface that enables even the least technologically savvy seniors to video chat with family members without complex connectivity issues. It allows Brown to have “face-to-face” conversations with her mother using her own iPad every day—something she wasn’t doing when she was in office.

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we are iowa local 5
Survey: Rural communities struggling with mental health amid pandemic

Viola Linderbaum, a resident of the Ossian Hospice Center, has found a unique tool to stay connected during the pandemic—a GrandPad that her family gave her after the death of her husband.

"We did a lot of Zoom calls to my family and I would see them quite often that way," Linderbaum said.

The GrandPad became crucial during her own battle with COVID-19 during the holidays.

"I don't know if she would have survived during COVID-19 without it because we felt very isolated from her," said Dianne Ameling, Viola's daughter. "I could call her on the GrandPad and see how she was looking physically."

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WNY tech program keeps elderly connected to the outside world during pandemic

Stanley Kalata, 83, of Depew is a faithful Bills fan who got a Josh Allen jersey for his birthday last August from his wife of 54 years, Karen, and her sister.

While Karen and Stanley have each other, and a few good books to pass the time, they still felt very isolated the last year and half amid the pandemic, unable to even visit their daughter and grandchildren in Syracuse.

"It's been hard,” said Stanley. “It's very difficult not being able to get in touch with people and stuff like that. Very challenging, I mean, to have that alone feeling."

To overcome that feeling, Stanley was given a GrandPad from Catholic Health's Living Independently For Elders, or LIFE, program in Buffalo.

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Review: GrandPad Tablet for Seniors

"We had trouble contacting my mother-in-law for months during the lockdowns. Like many older folks, she still relied on a landline phone. When she didn’t pick up, my wife would wonder whether she was out, couldn’t hear the phone, or was unable to answer. And when she did pick up, we’d still wonder if she was really OK."

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Elder-friendly technology is a growing market

Between the Cloud, the algorithms, and the litany of icons splayed across our home screens, the rules of living had changed so much in the previous decade. Suddenly, technology as familiar as the telephone became extraordinarily complicated, and we worried whether America’s golden-agers could ever catch up.

One of the people trying to solve that problem is Scott Lien, a former Intuit executive who became an advocate for elder accessibility in 2014 after feeling increasingly “digitally disconnected” from his octogenarian mother in Iowa.

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7 of the Best Smartphones for Older People (2021)

Just because someone is getting up there in years, that doesn’t mean the should internet-connected world need leave them behind. Yes, even the silver-haired among us deserve to make Zoom calls, message on WhatsApp, and play a game or two.

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Medioh Announces Innovative Partnership with GrandPad

Medioh will deploy GrandPad tablets and provide operational support for patients who will benefit from innovative models of virtual care in the comfort of their homes. Medioh’s proven logistics and support service offerings and core mission are a natural fit with GrandPad’s dedication to elevating the healthcare experience for patients, families, and providers.

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FOX28 | Father's Day Gift Ideas | Good Day Columbus
Scott Lien GrandPad WTTE Fox 28

Keeping in touch with your dad or grandad on this Father's Day just got a little easier.

GrandPad co-founder and CEO Scott Lein discusses creating the "GrandPad" and why it's the perfect tech savvy gift for Father's Day with Good Day Columbus’ Jackie Orozco and Katie McKee.

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FOX11 | Good Day L.A. | The GrandPad digital tablet makes it easy to connect with seniors

One of the most challenging things about the pandemic is the isolation that so many of our seniors feel. The difficulty connecting with family can be particularly challenging for them. Which is why this new product, The GrandPad became even more popular in the last year. It's a tablet, but it's designed specifically for our older generation. The special design features, include extra security to keep our users that are of the older generations safer and safe from online scammers. GrandPad CEO and co-founder Scott Lien and one of their users, Retha Mattson who is 100 years young, join us to talk about the device.

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WTVR | Mother’s Day gift ideas mom will love

Time to treat some of the most loved women in our lives, our Moms. Today, lifestyle expert, Jasmine Stringer is here with a few gift ideas that will make Mother’s Day special. For more information on Jasmine, visit her website. For more information visit,,

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all sides with ann fisher wosu npr radio
Interview with Scott Lien | All Sides with Ann Fisher | WOSU NPR

All Sides with Ann Fisher is a two-hour, daily public-affairs talk show designed to over time touch upon all sides of the issues and events that shape life in central Ohio. Listeners participate via telephone, e-mail, Facebook and Twitter to add to the conversations. As always at WOSU, the coverage is fair and balanced with a civil tone.

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GrandPad digital tablet offers specialized features for seniors

GrandPad CEO and co-founder Scott Lien discusses the digital tablet’s specialized features to meet the needs of seniors looking for simple apps, heightened security and accessible technology.

This segment originally aired on KTLA Weekend Morning News on Sunday, May 2, 2021.

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Thinking Big in Minnesota

Big ideas are nothing new in Minnesota. Earl Bakken’s big idea gave us the battery-powered pacemaker. And Betty Crocker—herself a big idea of the General Mills marketing team—had a big idea that gave us shelf-stable cake mix. Truly, without Minnesotans the world wouldn’t have the supercomputer, the pop-up toaster, or Zubaz. And if these 35 ideas, inventions, and innovations are any indication, Minnesota’s not done thinking yet.

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Senior tablet reconnects families amid pandemic

Living in a tech-savvy world can be difficult when you didn’t grow up in the computer age. But there’s a new device available to simplify the learning curve. Bingo is one of Florence Meier’s favorite games to play on the GrandPad, a tablet for seniors, but that’s not all she likes. “I can see the pictures and the videos. It’s fun,” said GrandPad user Florence Meier.

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grandpad good morning san diego KUSI
Mother’s Day gift ideas with the Muscleman of Technology

The Muscleman of Technology, who also goes by his civilian name, Bruce Pechman, has great Mother’s Day gift ideas for all ages of motherhood.

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St. Louis County Library Introduces Read & Play Kits for Families, Digital Tablets for Seniors and Tutoring Services

Under the Digital Equity Initiative established last year by Dr. Sam Page, the executive of St. Louis County, the library vastly expanded its services by starting to issue 1,500 user-friendly GrandPad digital tablets to patrons over the age of 75 for use for a full year.

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Show Mom How Much You Appreciate Her: 17 Great Gifts

Now it’s easier than ever to give Mom what she wants: more time with you! With GrandPad, she’ll never miss another moment of family time. The GrandPad is purpose-built to meet the needs and interests of older moms or grandmas who have had limited experience with technology, who have no or limited access to the Internet, and who may have physical or cognitive limitations that make traditional mobile devices difficult to use.

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Tablets for Seniors: GrandPad Launches Grand Rewards Leading to Mother’s Day

While finding the perfect gift for a parent or a grandparent has been a meticulously challenging task, American tech innovator GrandPad launches its Grand Rewards program to make the task easier - just in time for Mother's Day this year.

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Never Miss A Moment With GrandPad

At a time when personal contact is more precious than ever, society has turned to technology to stay connected with family and friends. Ironically, despite the ubiquitous nature of mobile devices and social media, many seniors are left behind by technology, causing them to suffer from social isolation and loneliness.

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mom and daughter with grandpad for mother's day
Shopping Savings: GrandPad Grand Rewards

Finding the perfect gift for a parent or grandparent is a notoriously tall task. But with Grand Rewards from GrandPad, family caregivers can hit the trifecta of gift giving for aging parents, grandparents, and other loved ones by giving them a device built just for their needs; making it easy for friends and family to stay connected everyday; and helping them save money with $100 in Grand Rewards. It’s the perfect solution for Mother’s Day gift giving.

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The GrandPad is looking to simplify technology.

The GrandPad 7″ tablet is a device that is designed to help seniors over the age of 75 remain connected with friends and family. The device, which was designed by a father-son team looking to help the family’s matriarch stay connected, aims to take the complication out of technology while providing a user-friendly product and service to older people who may have a hard time adapting to some of the technical aspects of today’s devices.

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St. Louis County Library distributes 1,500 GrandPads to the elderly

The St. Louis County Library was busy Sunday distributing 1,500 GrandPad tablets bought with CARES Act funds.

The GrandPad tablet is designed to meet the needs of those over the age of 75 to access technology and stay connected to loved ones during the pandemic.

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Gift Guide 2017: What to Buy for Hard-to-Shop-for People

Up Grandma’s selfie game with the GrandPad, the first tablet computer designed for older seniors. It's perfect for a video-chat with family, using voice email in real time, sharing photos, playing games, making phone calls, go shopping, and more. No confusing buttons, passwords or pop-up ads, and wireless connectivity is built-in.

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GrandPad’s Incredible Tablet for Super Seniors with Scott Lien

Logan chats with Scott Lien, CoFounder and CEO of GrandPad about the Grandpad’s tablet for super seniors and how effective it has been during the COVID -19 crisis. Super seniors, defined as anyone 75 or older, “have the most life experiences, have lived through so much and are the wisest amongst us as a group,” Lien notes. However, he adds, many of the super seniors suffer from physical, cognitive, and mental health issues, and thus have unique needs when it comes to technology. GrandPad developed its product with the advice of a board that included 10 super seniors.

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How GrandPad makes communicating easier for the elderly

Isaac Lien had trouble communicating with his grandmother as she got older. She had difficulting using smartphones, which were designed for people who grew up with them. She found them complicated, and the interfaces were confusing.

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Such an interesting product ... the company has put in an amazing amount of effort to ensure that the tablet works for people over 75.

I'd forgotten all about the GrandPad's Facebook-feed feature and took photos at a recent auto show. My dad called to tell me he liked the pictures I'd taken of the new Bugatti on display, and I suddenly realized he was being included in my day. It was amazing, given how little my dad understands technology, that he enjoyed using this device.

– John Brandon of PCWorld

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GrandPad Named in Tech Tribune's List of Best Tech Startups in Orange 2018

Leadership, brand, and competitive advantage earned GrandPad a spot on the Best Tech Startups list.

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New Technologies Are Ushering in the Biggest Revolution in Senior Care in Over a Century

COVID-19 has put a spotlight on a fragile senior care system, but a vibrant health-tech ecosystem is laying track for a technology revolution that is centered on the homes—just in time for the ‘Silver Tsunami’—of aging baby boomers.

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A guide to connected health device and remote patient monitoring vendors

Now more than ever, in the midst of a pandemic, healthcare IT leaders can use a comprehensive listing of companies that make technologies that help keep tabs on patients from afar.

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New Telehealth Bill; Remote COVID Care Outcomes; Up Next: Telesurgery?

Many older patients are unable to participate in telemedicine, Kaiser Health News (KHN) reported, but solutions are emerging.

One solution is GrandPad, a tablet with apps designed for people 75 and older, KHN noted. These devices have been "remarkably successful" in facilitating video-streamed interactions and allowing nurses and social workers to address patient needs, said Roger Anderson, director of operational support and innovation of the PACE Southeast Michigan program for older adults.

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A Tablet for Seniors – GrandPad

We take a look at GrandPad, a tablet made for the older senior population that doesn’t have a Smart Phone or Internet Connection at Home.

The Tablet comes equipped with a 4G LTE Connection and has an interface with Larger ICON for the most common task. Users can Send and Receive Email, Photos, Listen to thousands of Included Songs, and visit favorite websites.

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How to feel less lonely if you can't visit family for the holidays

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has made happiness more elusive than ever (an impressive feat in a world where so many already struggle with emotional health) and the inability to see loved ones for the holidays feels like a punch in the gut. Grappling with loneliness is never fun, and feeling lonely during the holidays sparks a special kind of sadness.

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OC Business Journal logo

GrandPad was included in the Startups & Innovations column for their recently announced venture with Omaha-based Home Instead Inc., franchiser of the Home Instead Senior Care network, the world’s largest provider of in-home senior care.

The New York Times logoa
Just What Older People Didn’t Need: More Isolation

The coronavirus pandemic could sharpen the health risks of loneliness. But there are ways to connect.About a quarter of people over 65 living independently in their communities are considered socially isolated, and 43 percent of those over 60 report feeling lonely — and that was before public health officials instructed older people, and everyone else, to stay home.

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Senior Living Executive logo

GrandPad’s Chief Gerontologist, Dr. Kerry Burnight, was featured as a Change Agent inside the January/February 2019 edition.‍

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Oklahoma's news kfor logo
4 Seniors: Staying connected in the age of COVID

To stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic, many are following public health official’s recommendations to stay home and practice social distancing whenever possible, but being socially distant doesn’t have to mean being socially disconnected.

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As Aging Population Grows, So Do Robotic Health Aides

The ranks of older and frail adults are growing rapidly in the developed world, raising alarms about how society is going to help them take care of themselves in their own homes ... there was growing evidence that staying connected, even electronically, offsets the cognitive decline associated with aging.

Internet, tablet and smartphone systems such as GrandPad, a simplified tablet for older adults ... are emerging to help with care and staving off isolation.

– John Markoff in The New York Times

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McKnight's long term care news logo
Dr. Kerry Burnight, Ph.D: Let’s talk about you: COVID-19 self-care tips for caregivers

Caregivers are truly unsung heroes. As frontline workers, you provide an invaluable service to the elders you care for, as well as to broader society. Just as we are instructed to do in airplane emergencies, put your own mask on first. This refers not only to your literal coronavirus mask, but also the metaphorical mask of self-care, self-forgiveness, recovery and rejuvenation.

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Balancing Work and Elder Care Through the Coronavirus Crisis

For these working daughters and sons, setting boundaries, employing technology and routines, asking for flexibility (and some forgiveness), and managing well-being will be critical. And while many of these recommendations are similar to what working parents can and should do, others are unique to working sons and daughters.

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A Senior-Friendly Tablet … With A Streaming Radio Feature

Music is a powerful thing: Not only does it help people of all ages preserve and enjoy memories, but studies have also shown that music can help manage conditions like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, and reduce depression and anxiety in older adults.

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Ethnic nurse behind medical counter
Computer pad can help Michigan seniors use telehealth during coronavirus

Handed super simple technology, more than a 100 seniors in southeast Michigan have swiped their way past one long-held stereotype — chatting online with loved ones, discussing aches and pains with doctors, picking away at crosswords or popping into a casino game.

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Home health-care workers in US at tipping point amid coronavirus outbreak

The nation’s 3.3 million home health-care workers are the other front-line heroes in the war against the coronavirus. While hospitals’ physicians and nurses tend to the sickest COVID-19 victims, the in-home workforce is caring for millions of the most vulnerable Americans.

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Seniors love technology too, and some companies are starting to notice.

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Fox News logo

FOX News talks about GrandPad in their article about Senior citizen-friendly gadgets, calling it a tablet "Designed for family members to include grandparents in the social media conversation" and highlighting the "thorough onboarding process that even includes loading custom music."

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Dr. Kerry Burnight Discusses Benefits of Generations Aging Together

Late-life risk factor, loneliness, can be reduced when aging parents live with their adult children.

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Dr. Kerry Burnight Highlights Technologies that Help Seniors Connect

GrandPad is the one product on the market that has engineered out all points of frustration for seniors.

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Tablet device for older people launched in Ireland

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Seniors who struggle with technology face telehealth challenges and social isolation

Family gatherings on Zoom and FaceTime. Online orders from grocery stores and pharmacies. Telehealth appointments with physicians.

These have been lifesavers for many older adults staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic. But an unprecedented shift to virtual interactions has a downside: large numbers of seniors are unable to participate.

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OC Startups Now logo

A company that makes a tablet specifically for senior citizens entered into a partnership with a wireless carrier to make the tablet available nationwide.

Silicon Republic logo

Ireland’s number 1 resource for science and technology news featured the European launch of GrandPad.

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31 Things That'll Help You Stay In Contact With Loved Ones During Quarantine

BuzzFeed editor Kayla Suazo is a huge fan. In her own words, "My family got this for my grandparents who very much do not understand ANYTHING about technology. With this tablet they can video chat us and add pictures to a 'feed' that all of us can see and comment on. It's the only way they talk to us now!"

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In the pandemic, technology has been a lifesaver, connecting them to the outside world. But others don’t have this access.

Family gatherings on Zoom and FaceTime. Online orders from grocery stores and pharmacies. Telehealth appointments with physicians.

These have been lifesavers for many older adults staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic. But an unprecedented shift to virtual interactions has a downside: Large numbers of seniors are unable to participate.

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GrandPad Partners with Home Instead Senior Care to Provide Integrated Care Solution

Home Instead Inc. — the international franchise company behind the Home Instead Senior Care network — is joining forces with senior-friendly tablet startup GrandPad in an attempt to reduce client loneliness and improve connectivity.

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Bernadine Winter’s daughter introduced her to a GrandPad. Now Ms. Winter, 85, has weekly video calls with her children and grandchildren, posts photos and listens to country music. She also plays her favorite games, solitaire and blackjack, on the GrandPad.

– Constance Gustke in The New York Times

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How to Give Thanks and Celebrate Community This Thanksgiving: Donations, Volunteering and Virtual Hangouts

Thanksgiving will most certainly look different this year amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As the epidemic worsens and the number of cases in the United States continue to climb, the CDC is recommending that people only celebrate with those in their immediate household. For many of us, this means that our annual plans - complete with family visiting from out of town, crowded "turkey trots" and conversations around the table - will turn into a much more intimate in-person gathering with some virtual elements.

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4 Ingenious Technologies To Help Aging Adults Stay Connected and Engaged

GrandPad is a tablet designed just for seniors with a simplified set of 11 apps that use large, clearly labeled icons (for video and voice calls, photos, email, music, games, news, weather and search).

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Keep the Whole Family Connected.

Put this Lab-tested tech tool on your what-to-buy-for-the-holidays list: GrandPad is a device specially designed to be used by seniors, who often feel left out of our Instagram world. Its simple interface makes it a snap to take and send photos, access music, do video chats, dictate (instead of type) emails and more.

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Scott Lien, CEO and co-founder, discuss European expansion, Ireland headquarters and jobs

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GrandPad's users stay socially connected with Orange Belgium and Ericsson IoT Accelerator

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC), GrandPad, and Orange Belgium have partnered to make connectivity more accessible for the elderly to stay socially connected with family, friends, and caregivers. GrandPad creates connected tablets and services for seniors with managed connectivity from the Orange Belgium IoT service, powered by the Ericsson IoT Accelerator platform.

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GrandPad Helps Support Virtual Care for Seniors

GrandPad, creator of the first purpose-built tablet for people over 75, announced the addition of connected device capabilities to its mobile device and telehealth platform to support virtual care and remote monitoring for health care providers. The expanded capabilities come at a time when an increasing number of home health agencies and other health care companies are turning to GrandPad to facilitate video visits during COVID-19 restrictions that prohibit in-person care.

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Isolation: The Hidden Risk of Social Distancing

The abrupt shifts in routines, the distance from grown children, and the cancellation of everything from church services to coffee dates can leave seniors feeling lonely, which raises stress levels, impedes sleep, and triggers depression and anxiety.

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