Accessories like the Stylus and Wireless Charging holder make interacting with GrandPad that much easier.

Ergonomically Built Stylus

Easy to use

Lightweight Stylus: This stylus only weighs 3oz, ensuring that it is lightweight, and steady, which improves manual dexterity and handling for people who have difficulty with tapping a touch screen.

Steady Stylus Pen: The GrandPad stylus is built ergonomically, and comes with a soft rubber tip which ensures that it does not scratch the tablet screen. The rounded, ¼” tip makes it easier to navigate the many apps and screens on the tablet.

"The charge cradle makes hands free video calls so incredibly easy for my Dad--it just works really well--grateful!"
*Compatible Devices: Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S10, GrandPad Tablet, Galaxy S10+, iPhone X, iPhone 8

Wireless Charging Cradle

Charge Light
perfect calls
Easy to use

Convenient: Attached 8-foot cord cord makes it easy to place the charger in a convenient location — even if it is far from an outlet.

Bright Charging Indicator:
A bright white light on the front of the cradle lets you know the device is charging.

Perfect for Video Calls: The angled design of the charging cradle makes it a perfect hands-free stand for video calling.

Stable & Sturdy:
Built to be durable and sturdy for premium accessibility, even for seniors with arthritic hands, low dexterity, or vision inpairment.