GrandPad and Lyft Partner to Offer Rides to Seniors

We have all been in a situation where we think, “If only I had a ride right now, my day would become so much easier.” Our GrandPad team noticed that for seniors and their families, organizing transportation can be daunting and exhausting. As a solution, we’re thrilled to announce that we have paired the technology of GrandPad with the ease and convenience of the reputable ride-sharing service, Lyft.

We understand that our loved ones may need rides for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Grocery store runs
  • Church functions
  • Meeting with friends or family, especially for holidays and special occasions

In turn, we’ve partnered with Lyft to make accessing all of these locations easier than ever, with two different modes: Concierge and Self-Serve. Concierge enables a senior to connect with our GrandPad’s white-glove, U.S. based customer care team, who take care of all arrangements for the ride for a small additional fee. The user states where he/she would like to go, and the GrandPad customer care team arranges the Lyft ride.


The self-serve mode enables a senior to request a ride directly from the GrandPad tablet. Pre-populated locations can be uploaded to the tablet for customized, seamless experiences. A family administrator can include locations the GrandPad user may want to visit regularly, including physicians’ offices, grocery stores, or church functions. They’ll also manage the billing and will be charged per each ride.

“Reliable transportation is one of the biggest challenges for seniors who are trying to stay active and engaged with their community,” said renowned gerontologist, Dr. Kerry Burnight. “By empowering seniors to get to their family social outings, medical appointments, or even run errands, we give them independence and mobility. These two factors are crucial to a healthier and happier quality of life.”


With both the Concierge and self-serve modes, the family administrator of the account receives text message updates when the rider is picked up and dropped off. The rider will also receive alerts on the GrandPad with a photo of the Lyft driver and their car, the driver’s license plate number, and an approximate pickup time. To ensure comfort and safety on the ride, the rider will be able to video call family members from the GrandPad tablet.

Integrating Lyft into the GrandPad tablet allows for more autonomy than ever before. Lyft will be available on the GrandPad in all areas that Lyft currently services. You can view more details about GrandPad and Lyft at:

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