KFOR-TV Praises GrandPad as a Top-Pick Senior-Friendly Tablet

As KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City explains, “For seniors, staying connected with family members in today’s high-tech world can be overwhelming.” At GrandPad we spend everyday improving our product so seniors and their loved ones can be face-to-face with just a few clicks of a button. Now, as our user base grows, news outlets are beginning to take notice.

Editor Jim Miller of News Channel 4 in Oklahoma City recently reviewed his personal picks for the top senior-specific tablets currently on the market, praising GrandPad as one of the most convenient and accessible communication services for seniors. In his review, Miller noted the ease of charging the GrandPad senior tablet in the charging cradle, saying, “You don’t have to plug anything in to charge it up, which is pretty cool.”

One of the most exciting features of the GrandPad in Miller’s view is its 4G LTE connection, which allows seniors to stay connected anywhere within Verizon’s expansive network without the need for Wi-Fi. “4G makes [the GrandPad] very convenient,” he stated. “Saves you some money, too!” When seniors don’t need to pay for wireless Internet, the savings can make up for the cost of a GrandPad subscription.

Miller also praised the large-button display and the minimal clutter of GrandPad’s home screen. Demonstrating making a video call himself, he outlined how simple and intuitive the functions on GrandPad are for senior users.

Email and photo sharing, two other huge components of GrandPad, are more accessible than ever, in Miller’s opinion, due to the voice-recording features. Sending an email or commenting on a photo with a voice recording is an improvement on standard tablets for seniors who have difficulty reading small text and interacting with sensitive keyboards.

The entire team at GrandPad appreciates the feature on KFOR-TV, and we hope that more and more seniors can discover the convenience of GrandPad for themselves so they never miss another memory with the people they love.