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GrandPad Announces Partnership with Consumer Cellular

GrandPad is excited to announce that Consumer Cellular has made an equity investment in GrandPad and both companies have signed a strategic distribution agreement. The nation’s top rated mobile service provider for adults 50+ will connect more seniors to their families than ever before.

“We are thrilled to partner with GrandPad, both as a part owner and the exclusive direct to consumer distributor of this important technology in the United States,” says Consumer Cellular CEO John Marick, “The functionality of the device fits in perfectly with our commitment to providing our customers with easy and affordable solutions. We look forward to sharing this technology with our almost 3 million customers, as well as new customers looking for ways to stay better connected to their senior loved ones.”

Consumer Cellular will sell GrandPad directly to customers online and over the phone. Additionally, Marick has joined GrandPad’s board of directors, where the two companies will work together to further enhance and integrate the services.

“By partnering with Consumer Cellular to offer GrandPad, we have the potential to improve the lives of millions of seniors by reconnecting them with their families, friends and caregivers,” says Scott Lien, CEO and co-founder of GrandPad. “We are thrilled to partner with a company that is dedicated to helping older adults stay connected through the use of technology and are humbled to be working alongside John and his leadership team - their knowledge and experience brings a new dimension to the GrandPad brand.”

GrandPad’s announcement with Consumer Cellular isn’t the first time the tech company has entered into a strategic partnership with a high-profile brand. In 2016, Acer, one of the world’s top five PC companies, invested in GrandPad to make connectivity between seniors and their family and friends easier. Maverick Shih, President of BYOC Business Group, Acer Inc., is delighted for the Consumer Cellular powered GrandPad to reach consumers.

“In working with GrandPad, we’ve been able to change seniors’ lives by simplifying their connected experience.” says Maverick Shih, President of BYOC Business Group, Acer Inc. “With our high-quality tablet, GrandPad’s unique software and now Consumer Cellular’s ability to market and provide exceptional support, we are positioned to truly help some of the oldest seniors.”

As a result of the launch, GrandPad will connect to a reliable nationwide network through Consumer Cellular, eliminating the need for Wifi. At the touch of a button, dedicated customer support will be accessible, and, because of the secured network, only approved users can connect to loved ones via the GrandPad companion app. Users will have access to games like Bingo, as well as music, weather and more. The 8-inch device comes with a wireless charging dock, magnetic smart case and stylus. For a monthly service fee, customers receive unlimited data, so users can call, video chat, email, share photos and stream music without any additional charges.

Read more about the partnership in the press release.