GrandPad User Guide

The guide below instructs on the general use of the many common GrandPad tablet features and provides many tips as wellClick here to download, print, and share this guide for you or others as a reference to the great features and services GrandPad offers. GrandPad is highly customizable so a user's experience may vary. As always, feel free to contact GrandPad customer support with any questions.

Basic overview of the GrandPad features and accessoriesInstructions on how to use the charging cradleInstruction on using CallInstruction on using Zoom Multi-party callingInstruction on using InternetInstruction on using HelpInstruction on using MusicInstruction on using PhotosInstruction on browsing photos by dateInstruction on viewing comments on a photo or videoGames included on RadioInstructions on using GamesGames included in GamesInstruction on using EmailInstruction on using Email to send a messageInstruction on using WeatherInstruction on using Camera appInstruction on using MoodsInstruction on using ToolboxInstruction on using ArticlesInstruction on using LookupInstruction on using SettingsBe sure to connect family with the free companion app
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