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Transportation with Lyft
Now Available on GrandPad

GrandPad Lyft User

We’re proud to announce the partnership between GrandPad and Lyft. Together, we will make it easy for seniors and their caretakers to request rides, empowering seniors to have greater independence and freedom.

GrandPad Transportation Button

Easy Access

A ride is just a tap away with the easy-to-access Transportation button on the GrandPad tablet. The Transportation service comes with every GrandPad subscription, and Lyft fees are billed with each ride.

Reliable Service

We ensure your loved one will be picked up and dropped off for every single ride. Should any questions arise, your loved one can either call a concierge agent or the Lyft driver directly from the GrandPad.

Safe Transportation

Safety is a top priority. Lyft pre-screens all drivers, and only permits automobiles that have passed inspection. Furthermore, we notify the Lyft driver their passenger is a senior who may need extra assistance. Our agents monitor your loved one throughout the ride, providing SMS updates before, during, and after transportation.

Two Ways to Ride


Request a ride directly from the GrandPad tablet. Pre-populated locations can be uploaded on the tablet for a customized, seamless experience. A family administrator can include locations that the GrandPad user may want to visit regularly, such as doctors’ offices, grocery stores, or community functions.


Request a ride by connecting with GrandPad’s white-glove, U.S.-based member experience team, who will take care of all arrangements for the ride. All the GrandPad user needs to do is simply state where they would like to go, and the GrandPad customer care team will arrange the Lyft ride for a small fee.

“Reliable transportation is one of the biggest challenges for seniors trying to stay active and engaged with their community. By empowering older adults to get to family outings, medical appointments, and even run errands, GrandPad helps seniors maintain their independence and mobility - two factors crucial to a healthier and happier quality of life.”

- Dr. Kerry Burnight, Chief Gerontologist at GrandPad

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