Tablet for Seniors

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GrandPad is a tablet built for seniors. It's a simple month-to-month, no risk, no contract membership that includes everything you need to digitally connect your loved one to the rest of the family.

View family photos & videos

Photos and videos can be shared with the GrandPad through the GrandPad Companion App or Facebook.

Voice and Video calls made easy

Communicating with the GrandPad is as easy as tapping on the picture of the family member you want to phone call or video call. No need to remember or type in a family member's phone number or email.

Simple Voice Emails

Many of our users sent their first ever emails with GrandPad's easy to use voice e-mail feature. All your senior has to do is tap the picture of the person they would like to send the email to and speak. The contacts of the GrandPad user also love the added personal touch of being able to hear the voices of their loved senior.

Personally Curated Music

Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and Patsy Cline are some of the musicians that bring seniors back to the good old days. Just tap the Support button and we'll build you a personal GrandPad collection of music videos from those artists and many more!

All your Favorite Games

The GrandPad has Solitaire, Four in a Row, Memory, TicTacToe, Tiles, Hangman, Sudoku, Crossword, and Wordsearch, with more games being added all the time!

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