Chief Gerontologist on The Doctors

Recently, our Chief Gerontologist, Dr. Kerry Burnight, appeared on the medical talk show The Doctors to discuss the problem of senior loneliness. Here at GrandPad®, we've built a solution that allows effortless communication like video calls and photo sharing that connects people of all generations, directly aiming to solve the problem of senior isolation.
GrandPad Tablet

Designed Especially for Seniors

Say hello to GrandPad, the first digital solution built especially for seniors that unites the entire family through a secure private network. Now your family can connect easily, instantly, and safely.

GrandPad Companion App

Your Own Private Family Network

GrandPad is not just a tablet for seniors; it connects with a companion app on your phone or desktop that every family member or friend can download to instantly connect to grandma and grandpa. Now you can make and share special memories with a touch of a button. It's that easy.

Benefit Badges

Everything You Need in One Neat Package

GrandPad comes with white-glove customer care, so your senior receives top-tier and professional support. Best of all, there are no contracts. Subscription service includes the GrandPad device, companion app, content, and wireless LTE connectivity for just $75 a month. It's the new family network.


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I'm 91 years old. I never thought I wanted anything like the GrandPad. But, you know what? Now it is the only treasure I have.
- Rose, loyal GrandPad member
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