Sending Voice Emails

Voice emails, sent through the GrandPad, are a great way to communicate with your private family network using a more personal approach. Our unique method of composing emails removes the clutter and frustrations accompanied by other email delivery methods.

It’s easy to send a voice email from the GrandPad, do the following:

  1. Click the Email app from the home screen.
  2. Click “Compose New Email".
  3. Scroll or tap the right and left arrows to select the contact to which you want to send the email. Click their name or picture.
  4. Wait for the voice-recording countdown. When prompted, begin speaking.
  5. Once you are satisfied with your message, click “Send.” Your voice message will immediately go to your loved one’s email inbox.

The GrandPad is a state-of-the-art tablet designed specifically for seniors to bring family together, overcoming the obstacles that modern technology can often present.

filtering email spam:

On the GrandPad, you never have to worry about spam, robocalls, scams, or other unwanted email messages clogging up your inbox. The GrandPad only accepts email messages from contacts in the family network.

This way, seniors are safely connected to the friends and family that mean the most to them. To add an email address, just login to GrandPad Central, or ask your Family Administrator!

All family members are also able to include photo attachments with their emails. The GrandPad will automatically save those attachments to the Photos app on the tablet, making them easy to view and save.

Order your GrandPad today to easily send emails to your loved ones. The GrandPad contains several other functions and apps to give you all the connection and entertainment you need in one tablet!

saving photos:

Sending precious memories from a family visit or cute snapshots of the newest grandchild just got even easier with GrandPad photo sharing.

On typical tablets and personal computers, seniors must regularly interface with complicated services and convert photo files to the proper format to save them for future viewing. With the GrandPad, these difficult processes are streamlined and stripped away to make connection a hassle-free process. It’s incredibly simple to save photos that your loved ones send to your GrandPad via email —in fact, no extra steps are required! Photos sent to your GrandPad email address as attachments will automatically be saved in the Photos app for future viewing.

The file format does not matter — whether it’s a JPG, PNG, or other photo file type, the GrandPad will save it to the Photos app automatically. As always, any Photos or Videos in the Photos app can be favorited to make them easy to find later or deleted if they're no longer needed.

Order a GrandPad today to connect with friends and family and easily share cherished family photos and videos. All the apps and functions that seniors need are conveniently packaged in one state-of-the-art tablet!