Fun and Engaging Games

Keep the mind sharp and the fun going with over 15 fun and exciting games, designed by and for seniors.

GrandPad has a variety of classic games, including:

Word Scramble
Four in a Row
Word Search
Texas Hold 'em
Spider Solitaire

How to start a new game:

  1. Select the Games app from the home screen.
  2. Click the game that you wish to play.
  3. Follow the instructions for each game and play as many times as you like!

The games on the GrandPad provide helpful visual and audio cues to avoid any mistakes that affect the rest of the game. For example, in Sudoku, if you fill a square with the number a “ding!” will sound, and the other squares with the same number will turn blue. If another identical number exists in the same row, column, or square, it will be easy to spot. In Crossword, the boxes will turn green once you fill a row or column with the correct word. This will prevent you from building off of wrong words and causing your puzzle to become unsolvable.

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Using two-player game mode:

The GrandPad contains several exciting classic games that seniors love. Sometimes, the games on the GrandPad can be so immersive and fun that seniors won’t want to put it down! Games are also great for connecting with family and friends.

Fire up a fun game on the GrandPad designed for more than one player so loved ones can join in on the action.

Here's how to play with two people on select games:

  1. Select the Games app from the home screen.
  2. Choose a game like Memory, Four in a Row, or TicTacToe from the Games list.
  3. When the prompt appears, select “Two Players.”
  4. A two-player game will commence. Pass the GrandPad back and forth, depending on whose turn it is.

These turn-based games are a blast to play with loved ones. To keep it fair, be sure to switch up who goes first, or let the grandkids go first every time and watch their eyes light up when they win.

Take home a GrandPad today to experience the best tablet-based senior games on the market.