grandPad Tablet for Seniors!

The simplest way for seniors to connect to the digital world

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"The company has put in an amazing amount of effort to ensure that the tablet works for people over 75."
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Easy and Effortless Essentials

Each grandPad tablet comes pre-loaded with the essential apps and services seniors need to stay connected without any clutter, spam, or distractions. Apps that include phone and video calling, spam-free email, and family photo galleries are designed with straightforward simplicity so seniors can jump right in and start making and sharing memories.

Call App

Just tap a picture to make a call

Camera App

Take and share pictures

Games App

Fun single and multiplayer games

Email App

Send and receive emails

Weather App

Weather for you and family

Help App

Support staff are always available

Photos App

View family photos and videos

Music App

Your favorite music videos

Lookup App

Internet encyclopedia and dictionary

Photos App Share Family Photos with One Click

Family members can easily share photos with the grandPad in four distinct and simple ways: via email, on our free grandPad Companion App, on the grandPad website, or through social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram.

grandPad Companion App
grandPad senior tablet with family photos

Call App Voice and Video Calls Made Easy

No more typing names in tiny search bars or memorizing numbers!
All your senior has to do is tap on the picture of the person they would like to call to start the conversation.

placing a call on the grandPad senior tablet
video calling on the grandPad senior tablet

Email App Simple Voice Emails

The email app utilizes voice recording, so seniors can send voice messages by just tapping a button and speaking. Never fail to connect with your cherished family members – get the tablet that makes it all simple and fun.

recording a voice email on the grandPad senior tablet
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Never Miss a Memory

grandPad is a simple, smart, and secure tablet for seniors that effortlessly connects your loved ones to their friends and family with a touch of a button. The user experience with the grandPad is a breeze – seniors can make phones calls and video calls, send voice emails, check the weather, play games, view family photos, and more without worry.

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More Than a Product – It’s a Service

grandPad is designed as a worry-free, month-to-month, no-contract membership. Each membership includes access to our dedicated customer support staff, built-in wireless data connectivity so seniors never have to worry about complicated internet setup, and a no-questions-asked insurance policy in case of damage.

Tablet, Case & Applications
Built-in Wireless Data Connectivity
Damage & Theft Insurance
U.S. Based White-Glove Support

No Prior Computer Experience Necessary!

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