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Our Vision

Live in a world where no seniors are lonely or isolated and every senior has an opportunity to live Grand!

Our Mission

Improve the lives of millions of seniors by reconnecting them with their families, friends, and caregivers.

Our Culture

Our culture is centered around hiring great people who care about our mission, and who have a passion for helping seniors.


Our leaders share a passion for technology and admiration for the aging community. Through innovation, they strive to change the lives of millions of seniors, as well as their families, friends, and caregivers.
Julie Ament Gran
Vice President of Member Services & Partner Relations
Julie Ament Gran is the Vice President of Member Services and Partner Relations. She leads the member experience team to ensure outstanding customer service for our older adults and develops strong working relationships with our strategic partners. She has over 25 years of experience driving customer satisfaction and leading field teams focused on execution. Julie started her career at Dayton-Hudson-Marshall Fields, a Target corporation which later became Macy’s where she held a variety of roles, including store manager and VP of special services. After Macy’s, Julie joined Lifetouch where she managed field training and leadership development, as well as sales operations. She then led field team photography and operations of a team with over 5,000 employees across 85 locations.
Anna Arens
Member Experience Supervisor
Anna Arens is a GrandPad Member Experience Supervisor. She provides support to our customer service team, our B2B Partners, and assists driving efficiencies within daily operations. Previously, Anna worked in a small community clinic for 12 years where she held various roles ranging from customer service to nursing.
Brian Balestri
Head of Platform Build & Operate
Brian Balestri is GrandPad's Head of Platform Build and Operate. He determines the technology and scaling strategy for making GrandPad a global platform. Brian started his career in manufacturing operations but quickly switched to information technology. While working with companies like Target, Wells Fargo, and Best Buy as a program manager, Brian launched and sold multiple startups centered around the web and technology. Brian was attracted to GrandPad because of their mission and the desire to make a positive difference in the world.
Lori Balik-Maldonado
Member Experience Manager
Lori Balik-Maldonado is a Member Experience Manager. She leads the Daily Connect remote care team and helps create efficiencies within the Daily Connect systems and processes. Lori comes to GrandPad with 19+ years of experience across various customer service roles. She has also worked for Target in the Human Resources department.
Dr. Kerry Burnight
Chief Gerontologist
Dr. Kerry Burnight is GrandPad's Chief Gerontologist. She guides the development of features with evidence-based geriatric research to ensure dignity, autonomy, and safety for seniors. Dr. Kerry has spent her entire professional career on a mission to improve the lives of seniors. She was a professor of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology at the University of California, Irvine, and founded the nation's first elder abuse forensic center as well as the national non-profit, Ageless Alliance: United Against Elder Abuse. She also spoke at The White House and shows including The Dr. Phil Show, CBS News, Money Matters, and The Doctors. She joined GrandPad because of the firm's ability to prevent social isolation, one of the most significant risk factors for elders.
Ryan Burns
Product & Engineering Manager
Ryan leads GrandPad's engineering, design, and product management teams. He has been with GrandPad since day one when he built the very first software prototype. Although he is a mobile software engineer at heart, he is very passionate about working with all variations of thriving and emerging technologies, especially those that have the potential to positively affect the lives of others. Ryan has also taught introductory computer science and mobile software development courses at Chapman University.
Earl Chen
Chief Data Officer
Earl Chen is GrandPad's Chief Data Officer. He and his team leverage GrandPad’s data assets to inform critical business and product decisions while ensuring data security and privacy. Earl brings more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry to GrandPad. He has delivered technology solutions ranging from trading desk tools and volatility calculators to authentication and information security. Most recently, Earl was an operational risk executive for Bank of America covering fraud risk for the enterprise.
Dr. Edwina Dunne
Business Director of GrandPad Europe
Dr. Edwina Dunne is the Business Director of GrandPad Europe. She is responsible for forging partner relationships as well as managing the European member experience team. Dr. Edwina has extensive experience as a practitioner, educationalist, leader and manager across corporate, clinical health, and social care services. She started as an occupational therapist and moved on to be the first head of quality and safety for the Irish Health Services; later she became Director for Assurance.
Erin Jacobsen
Member Experience Training Manager
Erin Jacobsen is GrandPad's Member Experience Training Manager. She trains and provides direct support to GrandPad's member experience team. Previously, Erin taught preschool and worked with children with behavioral disabilities.
Dave Jaqua
Chief Operating Officer
Dave Jaqua is GrandPad's Chief Operating Officer. He focuses on strategic partnerships, global operations, and customer support growth. Dave is a veteran of the Minneapolis consulting scene with over 25 years of experience leading large change initiatives and helping clients leverage technology for competitive advantage. At GrandPad, he drives the global support capability to ensure seniors and their families have a simple and smooth experience. Dave and his team also help key GrandPad business partners successfully launch, market, and integrate GrandPad into their brand and offering.
Sadie Johnson
Member Experience Supervisor
Sadie Johnson is GrandPad's Account Executive/Office Trainer Supervisor. She manages the account executive team and trains our partners on how to utilize the GrandPad in their business. Sadie comes to GrandPad after having worked in the healthcare field for many years where she held a variety of roles in patient care. Those roles included work in mental health, surgery, geriatrics, and Emergency Room Services.
Mo Kantari
QA & Dev Ops Manager
Mo leads GrandPad's QA and Dev Ops teams, managing the release cycle of all GrandPad software projects as well as ensuring GrandPad services are running 24/7/365. He also manages GrandPad's IT and tech support team. Mo brings over 10 years of experience in the tech industry, having worked as an IT consultant, providing both hardware and software solutions, and a certified technician at Apple.
Scott Lien
Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer
Scott is GrandPad's Chief Executive Officer, leading the company as it builds a platform that empowers seniors of all ages and technological skills to connect with family, friends, and caregivers. Having previously developed user-friendly software for companies such as Target, Best Buy, and Bank of America, as well as having led the mobile technology innovation group at Intuit, Scott brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership experience to the team. He is a practitioner of the LEAN Startup Method, which emphasizes putting users first and designing specifically to their needs. With GrandPad, he strives to create a world where no seniors are lonely or isolated.
Isaac Lien
Co-founder, Head of Innovation & Employee Experience
Isaac Lien is GrandPad's Head of Innovation & Employee Experience. He is responsible for leading innovative initiatives, as well as developing the GrandPad culture and employee experience. Driven by his grandmother's inability to use current communication tools, such as email and Facebook, he continually seeks innovative ways to keep older generations connected to their younger family members. This exploration inspired him to found GrandPad with his father, Scott.
Cindy McCormick
Director of Outreach
Cindy McCormick is GrandPad's Director of Outreach. She is responsible for creating and maintaining outreach programs to connect older adults with their families, as well as managing business events, marketing, and social/digital media. Cindy has spent a lifetime connecting with others — as an educator for 20+ years, a college admissions specialist, a non-profit president, and a community leader.
Dallas Steiner
Finance Leader
Dallas Steiner is GrandPad's Finance Leader. After starting his career as a CPA at Deloitte, Dallas has spent the past 20 years of his career helping entrepreneurs by providing finance and operational structure for early-stage companies through to exits. He enjoys the challenges associated with bringing new business offerings to market. His desire to help seniors stems from the time he spent with his grandmother who lived to be nearly 100 years old and from his work with a startup that worked closely with those suffering from Alzheimer's disease. The spirit and selflessness of those he encountered continue to inspire him to work with companies and people whose mission is to make things better for the senior age group.
Christa Taylor
Member Experience Manager
Christa Taylor is a GrandPad Member Experience Manager. She manages the member experience team and oversees daily operations. Christa brings 20+ years of leadership experience to the team and has a background in sales and customer service. Previously, Christa owned her own business working with people of all ages.
David Tyler
Chief Architect
David Tyler is GrandPad's Chief Architect, responsible for planning the technical design of the GrandPad platform. He has been with GrandPad since its founding. Previously, David taught computer science at Chapman University, worked as a software engineer at DevIO, and was the lead developer for MLAT, a Chapman University research group that focused on building a behavioral tracking app for children with Autism.

Grand Advisors

Seniors are the heart and soul of GrandPad, so we position at our core a group of seniors that continually inspire, test, and guide the development of GrandPad.
Betty Parker
Chief Grand Advisor
Judy Bradford
Grand Advisor
Dick Bushnell
Grand Advisor
Rae Cameron
Grand Advisor
Erline Garn
Grand Advisor
June Klosterman
Grand Advisor
Beth Reneker
Grand Advisor
Joan Schissel
Grand Advisor
Margaret Silbar
Grand Advisor
Elmer Thill
Grand Advisor
Richard Thill
Grand Advisor
Gay Turner
Grand Advisor

Magic Makers

At GrandPad, we have a variety of roles that work together to accomplish our mission. Whether specializing in partner relations or building system architecture, our team members collaborate with each other end to end.
Sarah Alexander
Data Scientist
Amanda Benavidez
Software Engineer
Stevan Brown
Director of Public Relations
Tara Clawson
Partner Relations Manager
Laurie Hanscom
Business Operations Specialist
Chelsea Jones
Partner Relations Account Manager
Ani Khalili
Software Engineer
Bill Kilday
Principal Software Engineer
Nathan Klema
Accounting - Controller
Kevin Lisbin
QA Engineer
Corey Lowe
Software Engineer
Tim Oesau
Partner Relations Manager
Karen Seaton
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Mark Sidenfaden
Art Director
Phil Sims
Production Operations
Justine Stewart
Product Manager
Lacy Troendle
QA Analyst
Nadiya Upegui
Data Scientist
Earl Wilson
Senior Software Engineer

Member Experience

Every day of the year our member experience team helps our GrandPad members stay connected with their family. They are customer support experts and masters of the GrandPad platform.
Danielle Balik
Member Experience Agent
Terri Balik
Member Experience Agent
Lynette Barloon
Member Experience Agent
Brenda Bullerman
Member Experience Agent
Robyn Carey Dundee
Member Experience Agent
Brittany Chipera
Member Experience Agent
Marie Conway
Member Experience Agent
Lori Denton
Member Experience Agent
Michelle Donlan
Member Experience Agent
Sadie Ekblad
Member Experience Agent
Denise Elsbernd
Member Experience Agent
Jannelle Fulsaas
Member Experience Agent
Ashley Graham
Member Experience Agent
Kylie Hanson
Member Experience Agent
Susan Hoehne
Member Experience Agent
Savanna Hunter
Member Experience Agent
Kelcie Johnson
Member Experience Agent
Jesse Jonas
Member Experience Agent
Johanna Kittelson
Member Experience Agent
Tiffany Kuhens
Member Experience Agent
Lori Lechtenberg
Member Experience Agent
Kally Miller
Member Experience Agent
Hayli Netterlund
Member Experience Agent
Kelly Nevin
Member Experience Agent
Laura Ollendick
Member Experience Agent
Jennifer Pearson
Member Experience Agent
Pam Phillips
Member Experience Agent
Ty Rabehl
Member Experience Agent
Sarah Rausch
Member Experience Agent
Kari Rowland
Member Experience Agent
Katelyn Sanford
Member Experience Agent
Halie Schmit
Member Experience Agent
Cassie Schoenthal
Member Experience Agent
Jean Sims
Member Experience Agent
Jessica Skoda
Member Experience Agent
Paige Snow
Member Experience Agent
Ben Taylor
Member Experience Agent
Heather Tigges
Member Experience Agent
Kris Timp
Member Experience Agent
Shianne Throndson
Member Experience Agent
Mary Wemark
Member Experience Agent
John Wendling
Member Experience Agent
Angie Willers
Member Experience Agent
Nena Winter
Member Experience Agent
Lindsay Zahasky
Member Experience Agent
“I’m so impressed with your organization, every single person I have ever talked to has been so helpful and friendly! It is so wonderful to have you all here to help.”
–Laura, GrandPad User
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