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Playing Games on GrandPad

Keep your mind sharp and keep the fun going with the wide variety of games in the GrandPad Games app. We continue to update our selection with classic puzzles like Sudoku and Crossword sure to stimulate and excite.

Seniors will get a kick out of the classic games they’ve grown to love. Your GrandPad has many games preloaded with more being added all the time. To start a new game:
  1. Select the Games app from the home screen
  2. Click the game that you wish to play
  3. Follow the instructions for each game and play as many times as you like! As you are playing through certain games in the Games app, you may want to restart a round or begin again. To learn how to do so during the course of your game, click here.

The games on the GrandPad provide unmistakable visual and audio cues to avoid any mistakes that affect the rest of the game. In Sudoku, if you fill a square with the number a “ding!” will sound, and the other squares with the same number will turn blue. If another identical number exists in the same row, column, or square it will be easy to spot.

In the Crossword game the boxes will turn green once you fill a row or column with the correct word. This will prevent you from building off of wrong words and causing your puzzle to become unsolvable.

Want to play with your grandkid or caretaker? No problem! To learn how to initiate a 2-player game in the Games app, click here.

Buy a GrandPad today for the best tablet experience in games for seniors. The GrandPad contains several other functions and apps to give you all the connection and entertainment you need in one tablet!

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