Dr. Kerry Burnight, Ph.D. - I won’t be alone this Thanksgiving

“I wasn’t looking forward to the holidays this year. Thanksgiving supper alone isn’t my idea of a good time.”

Jeanie lives in South Dakota while her four adult children and grandchildren live in different states. Travel is not an option this year.

“My grandaughter Jessie got me this GrandPad and it changed everything, ” Jeanie explained, “They are going to set a place for me at the table and with a video call on my GrandPad,  we will sit down and eat Thanksgiving supper all TOGETHER!  Oh, I’m counting down the days.”

According to a recent research survey, 40% of people are planning for a completely virtual Thanksgiving this year. Given the increase in isolation and loneliness, it is critical that families include elderly loved ones in their Thanksgiving plans.  

While technology makes virtual celebrations possible, a sure way to dampen the festivities is to have older loved ones experience frustration when they are unable to successfully use a device that isn’t designed for them.

GrandPad is an easy, secure solution to bring families together any day of the year.


Unlike standard devices, GrandPad comes ready to use, right out of an easy to open box. It is designed so that a 90 year-old can use GrandPad with delight in 90 seconds. We call it the 90/90 principal. The GrandPad can be shipped directly to a seniors residence, whether they live at home, in an assisted living facility, or in a nursing home.

And, features like our built in video chat, family photo and video sharing stream, and the built-in Zoom app makes GrandPad the perfect options for connecting your entire family for a virtual meal, or to share holiday songs, stories, and photos as a group.

As a gerontologist, I am deeply honored to have played a role in connecting over 900,000 humans just since the beginning of this year, and I hope even more families will experience the joy and simplicity of sharing precious family moments over GrandPad in during the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving!

NOTE: For guaranteed delivery by Thanksgiving, order GrandPad by November 17 (standard delivery). Call my dear colleagues at (800) 704-9412 or shop online at