Senior Summer Activities: Fishing

When the summer rolls around families across the country relish the opportunity to spend time in the sun. Water parks, sports, barbecues, you name it – America is out in force making the most of the summer season. During these months you can easily get your senior loved ones involved in a variety of fun activities that they’ll love.
Catch up with the important people in your life while creating lasting new memories. As part of our senior summer activities series we’re going to explore how fishing provides the perfect gateway to free-flowing conversation and endless good times.

Tackle the Technical

First, make a plan for your big day. It’s very possible that your senior loved one thoroughly enjoyed fishing throughout their life, and they may already be experts in hooks, flies, lines, and the other elements of fishing. But if not, handle the logistical aspects for them so they can enjoy the excursion without a care in the world.

Decide where you’ll be fishing. Will you be traveling to the local pier? Does your family own a pontoon? Then, get the proper gear and bring enough based on how long you plan to be out on the water. If you have no deadline, bring more bait and supplies than you need – after all, you never know what kind of mischief you’ll get into!

Share Stories

When you’re actually fishing there are plentiful stretches of time in between the action. Fishing isn’t the only activity you’ll be doing – while you wait for a bite you can ask about your loved one’s best fishing memories, or ask open-ended questions to get them talking. Relive classic family moments, or ask them about their family members you never got a chance to meet.

The social benefits of fishing make it one of the best activities for seniors in the summer. It isn’t strenuous, and you two can share stories and bond through the entire experience. Catching a fish is without a doubt exciting, but even if you go home empty-handed it will be a worthwhile trip if you let the stories flow. Sure, silence may be best for luring fish – but why let that stop you?

Avoid the Sun

One of the biggest concerns about fishing, depending on where you live, is the sun exposure. But as a seasoned fisherman knows, the fish tend to bite more just after sunrise. You may have to get up earlier than you’d like, but getting out on the water early in the morning is beneficial for multiple reasons.

In addition to catching more fish, your loved one will also catch fewer sunrays if you leave before noon. Prolonged sun exposure can be worrisome for seniors, so go fishing in the morning and bring plenty of water to keep your partner in crime happy and healthy.

Fishing is one of many ways that you and your senior loved one can spend quality time together this summer. It’s also a great way for seniors to remain active and get exercise as they age. No matter where you fish you’ll have fond memories for years to come.