Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

The heat is on and the sun is out in full force: summer has arrived, and with it the sometimes extreme weather conditions of the hottest time of the year. During the summer many families host barbecues, go to events, and spend time enjoying the great outdoors.

For seniors this can be a potentially dangerous season if they don’t tend to their safety and wellbeing. The heat and the exertion of summer can be tough for seniors. Keep your loved ones safe and healthy this summer by helping them follow these summer safety tips.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Overheating and dehydration are both major concerns for seniors in the summer, so remind them to take the appropriate steps to make sure they’re staying hydrated.

Seniors often experience reduced appetite and thirst. When you’re outside in the sun have them drink a glass of water or an equally refreshing beverage at least once an hour. Unless they have medical conditions that limit their water intake, it’s better to be on the safe side when it comes to hydration. Avoiding dehydration can prevent lightheadedness and fainting, which in turn could prevent more serious injuries due to falls.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Seniors might love being out in the sun, but keep in mind that their skin is extra sensitive. In order to stop any damage from occurring encourage seniors to apply sunscreen once an hour if you’re outside. On that note, seniors shouldn’t be outside for hours on end – if you’re planning a big family cookout or trip, know that your loved one should spend time in the shade or inside to avoid any ill effects of the sun.

Clothing can play a huge part into how hot or sunburned a senior becomes. Make sure seniors wear light, bright colors that don’t absorb as much sunlight. Hats with large bills also help keep the sun out of their eyes and of their face.They should also wear UV-repelling sunglasses when outside to protect their eyesight.

Do Your Homework

Seniors love being outside and spending time with family, but you should always research and determine how much exertion is too much. Consult with your loved one and their doctor and always verify that certain activities are safe considering their health conditions and concerns. Budget time and resources so you can always check up on them during any event or activity.

Follow these tips and take the proper precautions to ensure everyone can make wonderful lasting memories together.