Mother’s Day Series: Mary Davison

Quick: describe your mother in just three words. Difficult, right? Maybe of us would find this task impossible, even if we’re no longer children. Mothers take on countless roles, providing a shoulder to cry on, a valuable lesson as we grow, a friend we can confide in, and a funny goofball we can dance with when the mood strikes. Our mothers can’t be contained in three words.

For many GrandPad users, being a mother was more than a role: it was a calling. These loving, strong mothers now use the GrandPad to stay connected to children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren no matter where in the world they happen to live. But don’t take our word for it – in this edition of our popular Mother’s Day series, we’ll meet an amazing mom who takes every opportunity she can to connect with her constantly growing family. For Mary Davison, talking about being a mother, and talking about her own mother, couldn’t have been easier.

For mothers like Mary Davison, raising her children with moral principles and compassion for others was a part of the great circle of life. Mary remembers without hesitation how carefully her mother taught her Christian values from a very young age. “She was a good Christian mother,” Mary volunteers. She then focuses on the aspects of motherhood that matter, saying, “she loved me, and her actions showed it.”

For mothers, communicating real love in the actions you take for your children is just part of the deal. Offering advice for younger moms, Mary states with passion that you should always be there for kids. Even if you’re successful, conversation and being involved in their lives will never replace gifts or fancy toys. “Always try to be there for them,” she stresses. “It’s not always monetary gifts they want. All they really want is time.”

While Mary likes to discuss the importance of being a dutiful, understanding parent, she knows how to embarrass her children in the same sentence. Following her wise advice, she tells the story of first seeing her children after they were born. Using the cutest voice you can image, Mary describes her now grown sons as “the most beautiful fellas” when they were freshly born babes in the hospital. Taking a moment to live in the memory, Mary then adds, “I was so proud.”

The circle of life always finds a way to loop back around. While Mary went out of her way to provide for her children as she raised them, she now benefits from having children and grandchildren that can take care of her as a senior. “I don’t know what I would do without my kids,” she gleefully says. Laughing, she continues, “now that we are older we depend on them a lot!”

Fortunately for Mary, there are many family members to give her the love she deserves. Her family includes two sons, four grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. “My son, who lives near me, still goes with me to church on Mother’s Day,” Mary brags.

Due to distance Mary has never met some of her great-grandchild. But with the GrandPad, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t talked to them for hours. Mary excitedly proclaims, “I met the youngest one when she was six weeks old, through the GrandPad! She is now a one-year-old and she knows who I am, even though I have not seen her face-to-face.”

With the GrandPad, meeting your great-grandchild a thousand miles away isn’t impossible: it’s an easily attainable reality. For Mother’s Day, consider giving your senior mom the gift that she simply can’t do without: the gift of being able to take part in your life and your children’s lives with just the touch of a screen.