Father’s Day: Chuck & Paula

Father’s Day is about more than remembering – it’s about making new and lasting memories with the man who raised you and giving back to the parent who sacrificed so much for your future. At GrandPad we know how vital that connection with your father truly is, and we provide fathers and grandfathers the tools they need to seamlessly connect with their children and loved ones no matter how far away life takes them.

We interviewed some of our loyal customers and their children to explore the unbreakable bonds that form between a father and his child. Through our lifetime our fathers are one of the rocks on which we build a life. Read on for the touching relationship shared by Chuck, a GrandPad member, and his daughter, Paula.

Being a father is about more than simply providing for one’s family. A terrific father goes above and beyond to support his children through thick and thin, loving them completely and having their back when times get tough. Paula enthusiastically recollects that throughout her childhood, her father Chuck could not have been more supportive of her and her two siblings.

“He taught us to love God and each other,” she articulated, recalling how Chuck’s devotion to the Lord translated to devotion for his family. Chuck knew that teaching his children to live with a kind heart was something that must be practiced, not preached. “Our home was always open for people to come visit,” Paula emphasizes.

In fact, the door to their home was truly open to any and all who came. As Paula describes it, “Once in a while even high school boyfriends would stop by, just to see our dad!” Chuck’s infectious personality won over Paula’s childhood boyfriends, and his willingness to maintain friendships with seemingly tangential people in his life allowed Paula to see firsthand how important an open heart is throughout life.

Chuck is a practical teacher as well as a life coach – as he taught all of his children to drive, his patience and understanding made the stressful undertaking a worthwhile process. Paula marvels at her father’s “integrity” throughout life, and quips with a smile that he’s been described as a “majestic oak.”

Chuck isn’t just a great dad – he’s a great husband as well, having been married to Paula’s mother for an astounding 55 years. Throughout their marriage, they’ve created more than memories – they’ve created a wonderful family.

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