Father’s Day: Frank & Leigh

Father’s Day is nearly upon us. As we take the time to look back on all of the moments that have defined our relationships with our fathers, we also continue to build new memories every single day. At GrandPad we make it our mission to provide seniors and fathers with a simple, intuitive tablet. GrandPad overcomes distance and technological barriers to provide the ultimate tool that connects fathers, their children, and their grandchildren with just a few taps of the screen.


We interviewed several GrandPad users and their children to delve into the cherished memories and lasting lessons that have connected these proud senior fathers with the kids they love and adore. Today we hear from Leigh about her father, Frank, and what his example in her life has done for her.

Frank has lived a full life and shows no signs of slowing down. He recently celebrated his 95th birthday on Easter Sunday, and by Leigh’s account her father is still in great health and is mentally as sharp as ever. Frank’s 95th birthday was especially meaningful to him, as he was born on Easter Sunday and, through luck or divine intervention, was able to celebrate a milestone birthday on Easter as well.

Easter is one of Frank’s favorite holidays, Leigh asserts. One of Frank’s most cherished relationships is his relationship with God. While raising Leigh and her three siblings, Frank always emphasized that God will always be present in times of trouble. Leigh remembers that her father always reminded her to “trust in Him.” When she would get worried or anxious, her father would calmly tell her to “not depend on my own understanding,” Leigh recounts.

When asked if she has any memories of her father that truly stand out, Leigh nods and begins to recollect a time from her childhood when her father and her siblings visited Leigh’s grandparents in Swiss, West Virginia. Her father attempted to corral her and her siblings to hike up a nearby mountain, but Leigh was steadfastly convinced that bears roamed the mountainside.

Leigh was vehemently opposed to climbing a mountain that she believed was fraught with bears and danger. “I was doing everything possible to avoid the climb and go back to the safety of my grandparents’ house,” Leigh admits. Seeing her fear, Frank acquiesced and brought the family back home, putting Leigh’s concern and well being above his plans.

Life constantly keeps moving forward, and it rarely takes our own plans into account. When fathers like Frank put your well being above their own, later in life you can show your gratitude by returning the favor. Connecting your father to your life via the convenient and easy-to-use GrandPad is a terrific way to guarantee that new memories are only a few taps away. Happy Father’s Day from all of us here at GrandPad.