Holiday Gift Guide for Seniors for 2016


With December right around the corner, now is an excellent time to get a jumpstart on holiday shopping. Finding that ideal gift, especially for elderly family members, might seem difficult, but it’s actually surprisingly easy. From FitBit fitness trackers to Silvert’s adaptive clothing, there are plenty of products out there that make perfect gifts for seniors. Here’s a quick look at some of the top holiday gifts for seniors this year.

Fitness Trackers
It’s critical that seniors do their best to remain active on a daily basis. By staying active, seniors can improve their circulation, increase their overall flexibility, and even build up muscle and bone strength as card bg-faded card-block. Seniors looking to stay active might enjoy a fitness tracker like the Misfit Ray. The Ray offers a range of unique features. For instance, it can track distance, calories, steps, and even a user’s sleep patterns. It can receive call alerts and text notifications, and users can set specific alarms, as card bg-faded card-block. It’s also waterproof, and the batteries last for up to six months. This device makes it simple for seniors to track their activities, ranging from quick walks around the block to long-distance runs and swims.

Medication Monitors
Seniors often have to take a range of different medications on a consistent basis. It can be difficult for anyone—much less seniors—to remember when to take their medication, especially when they’re juggling multiple prescriptions. Medication monitors are ideal for those seniors who have difficulty remembering to take their medications everyday. E-pill offers a range of automatic pill dispensers—including one model that sends text message reminders. And MedMinder carries of a line of dispensers that also work in conjunction via wireless with MedMinder’s main company database—the dispensers transmit data about a user’s dosages and habits consistently, and if there are any abnormalities, a text message or email can be sent directly to a user’s caregiver.

Senior-friendly Tablets
Seniors are often open to using new technologies, but many of the latest smart devices aren’t designed with seniors in mind—they usually boast a range of different and complicated features, which can be intimidating to tech-novices, and the small screens and buttons can be difficult for seniors to use comfortably. GrandPad offers a senior-friendly tablet that features a large screen and equally sizeable buttons, making it easy for seniors to use. Also, navigation is simple, and the tablet features the bare essentials: it allows a user to quickly and simply text, place a call, access photos, send voice-based emails, check the weather, or even play games.

Hearing Loss Aids
When seniors suffer from hearing loss, it can be difficult for them to watch television programs with low-volume dialogue. However, with TV Ears, seniors with hearing loss can listen to their favorite program without cranking up the volume. The device features headphones, and it links directly to the television, allowing the user to listen to a program at regular volume remotely, even if someone else mutes or lowers the volume on the television.

Comfortable Linens, Sleepwear, Apparel
Seniors who have difficulty falling asleep might appreciate an electric blanket or comfy memory-foam mattress topper, or if they prefer to sleep upright in a chair, they might enjoy a customized seat cushion, as well. Seniors who lack mobility often find it difficult to get dressed in the morning, so some adaptive easy-to-wear clothing from Silvert’s might be appreciated.

Everyone likes to have fun, and seniors always appreciate an entertaining gift or two. Jigsaw puzzles are affordable gifts that can keep you entertained for hours, and senior activity games are great fun too—even for seniors who have limited mobility. Lastly, seniors love to flip through pictures of their family and friends, and Mixbook can create custom photo books, calendars, and canvas prints—simply submit a few pictures, pick the desired format, and they’ll handle the rest.

Food Delivery
Who doesn’t enjoy a tasty meal? Personal Chef to Go creates customized meals that can be delivered straight to the home—this service is a great gift for foodie-minded seniors. Or, if you’re looking to do a good deed for seniors in general, you can make a donation to Meals on Wheels, which delivers healthy meals to seniors, or you can volunteer to have lunch with a senior—enjoy a meal and share a story with a senior in need!

Finding an ideal gift for that special senior isn’t that difficult—there are plenty of products and services out there that are designed with seniors in mind. From activity games to fitness trackers, finding that special gift for the senior in your life is a real breeze. Click here to check out another great gift guide from A Place for Mom.