Enhancing Safety and Support: Announcing 911 Emergency Calling Capability

Enhancing Safety and Support: Announcing 911 Emergency Calling Capability 

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, GrandPad, the senior-friendly tablet, continues to revolutionize the way older adults interact with technology. 

GrandPad has recently added built-in 911 emergency calling capability so users can quickly connect with emergency services in times of need, providing peace of mind to seniors and their loved ones. GrandPad will always work and provide connection wherever and whenever you need it, thanks to 4G LTE (even during a power outage). 

Additionally, our dedicated Member Experience team is readily available for any non-emergency needs, providing comprehensive support at your fingertips.

To enable this capability, the Family Administrator will need to reach out to our Member Experience team at 800-704-9412. The team is available to answer your call and assist 24/7!

Please note, this feature is available for those who have their service directly through GrandPad.

Now’s the time to ditch the landline and streamline costs! With GrandPad, you can consolidate communication needs into one device and stop paying separate bills for landline and cell phone services.

As technology evolves, so does GrandPad's mission to redefine seniors' interaction with modern communication tools. The integration of the 911 emergency calling feature is yet another stride toward ensuring that older adults can embrace technology confidently, knowing that their safety and support are paramount.