Living Grand: Viola Linderbaum

Viola Linderbaum is a farmer through and through. Growing up one of six children on a dairy farm near Decorah, Iowa, she didn’t have electricity until she was a sophomore in high school. There was no running water or indoor plumbing, either. The family carried its water from a spring house and milked cows by hand. 

“It was hard work, but it was just what we did,” said Viola, now 88. “I was the one that always would go out and help my dad. It was a good life.” 

Viola enjoyed farm life enough that she married a dairy farmer she met at the roller rink in nearby Ossian, Iowa. They farmed near Ossian, and although they had electricity and milking machines by then, it was still hard work. 

Today, Viola lives at Ossian Senior Hospice, where she stays busy with Bingo and other games. She also enjoys visiting her son on the farm. 

“Any time they’ll take me out there, I’ll go, because I love the animals and I love the smell of a farm,” Viola said. “It’s such a wonderful smell from the hay being cut.” 

In early August, Viola was gearing up for Ossian Fest, her community’s summer celebration. She was particularly looking forward to the parade. 

Viola also loves everything her GrandPad allows her to do. She plays games like Hearts and Bingo, video chats with grandchildren and her brother in Florida, and watches weekly services at her church. 

“I try to keep busy, because I don’t want to just not have anything to do,” she said. “I keep really connected with everyone.” 

As a Grand Advisor, Viola is involved in vetting new features to ensure they make sense for GrandPad users. She has made good friends as part of her involvement, and she loves the idea of helping other people make the most of their GrandPad experience.  

“When people take the time to learn about everything their GrandPad can do, they enjoy it so much more, because there’s so many things,” she said. 

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