Hospice and Music

As a board-certified music therapist I’ve had the honor of working with many seniors over the years, primarily in hospice care. It is a privilege to help people live with dignity and the highest quality of life possible.


Tim Oesau, left, sings "It Had To Be You" by Isham Jones with Cecile Hoylen, a new member of the GrandPad family.

Music often plays a big part in our lives, especially at important moments like weddings, birthdays, and holidays. A song may remind us of our first kiss, a loved one, or a favorite movie. Listening to this music brings comfort and awakens memories. This music is especially important as one is nearing the end of life and reflecting and contemplating one’s legacy.

Many people at the end of life find solace and strength in music from their religious tradition. Others use music to reduce anxiety, to improve their mood, or as a distraction from pain. Listening to music has been shown to improve all of these areas.

GrandPad has seven curated music buttons designed for seniors: Big Band, Show Tunes, American Classics, Country, Classical, Relaxation, and Christian. Each has hours of streaming music available. Users can also search and add songs from their favorite artists. Users can listen to the songs they love and cherish easily with the GrandPad.

Tim Oesau, MT-BC