What Brings You Joy?

For's literally Joy! That's right, we found GrandPad alongside Joy Mangano —the “Miracle Mop” queen—in Good Housekeeping Magazine's Thanksgiving Special double issue which is available NOW on stands nationwide.

Good Housekeeping Magazine, first published in 1891 and now reaching 30+ million people each month, has recommended GrandPad as an ideal gift to give this holiday season to keep the whole family connected. On page 56 of the issue, Good Housekeeping shared with their readers that "GrandPad is a device specially designed to be used by seniors, who often feel left out of our Instagram world. Its simple interface makes it a snap to take and send photos, access music, do video chats, dictate emails and more!..."

We're thrilled to be highlighted by such an iconic publication and be part of their mission to improve the lives of consumers and their families through education and product evaluation. Also to note, Susan Sarandon graces the cover of the November 2017 Good Housekeeping issue. In the spirit of celebrating our seniors, Ms. Sarandon plays mom and grandmom in this year's holiday blockbuster movie Bad Moms, which hit theaters November 1st. Says Sarandon for Entertainment Magazine, "One of the first lessons I learned as a mom was to forgive myself for not being perfect and to try to prioritize what was really important...."

Like family! That's why we hope you join us in sharing the word about GrandPad as a great gift to give because the matriarchs and patriarchs of the family deserve the absolute best. By giving GrandPad, you're showing your senior family members that you value them in your life and want to keep in close contact with them all day, every day.

So cozy up, read some magazines (we, of course, recommend Good Housekeeping), watch a movie, listen to music (the majority of GrandPad users favor Frank Sinatra’s “Come Fly With Me”), and give thanks for the joy of family. Cheers!