Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts for Seniors

Don’t let Mother’s Day sneak up on you! This year the holiday falls on May 14th, so mark your calendars and start brainstorming gift ideas. As we get older we often find that sending a card simply isn’t enough to express our love and gratitude for our mothers. But what can you get the woman who insists that she has everything she needs? Browse these great Mother’s Day gift ideas to find the perfect fit for your mom.


The gift of history adds context, meaning, and purpose to anyone’s life. Share the history of your family with your mother by researching your collective family tree. Online services like and Findmypast both make the process easy – just fill in your personal information to get started. Many of the records are available for free, and for a nominal fee you can access millions of records. With a printed family tree in a decorative scrapbook complete with fun facts and family information your mother will be able to access the past at a moment’s notice.


If you don’t have the time or resources to research your family’s past, you can still create a moving and detailed scrapbook comprised of your favorite memories with your mother! Be creative and mix together photos, collages, journal entries, recipes – whatever holds meaning for both of you. Load up on all of the scrapbooking supplies you’ll need at Jo-Ann or Michaels.


Many types of gifts go unused or unopened, but if you treat your mom to a scrumptious collection of fresh fruit you can be certain your gift won’t be wasted! You can even invite the family over and make dinner, partaking in the fruit basket for dessert as a family activity. Edible Arrangements carries some of the best fruit baskets and arrangements on the market, with a wide variety to please any taste. Treat your mother to her favorite fruits, whether she’s a fan of pineapple and strawberries or if she’d rather go for chocolate-dipped berries.



This gift is a more traditional option, but the reason is obvious: who doesn’t love a stunning bouquet of flowers? For Mother’s Day, the impact lies in the details. Don’t just order a standard bouquet and call it a day: carefully select the flowers that comprise your gift. Maybe your mom has a favorite type of wildflower, or maybe you remember a specific story she once told you about her dancing with your father in a field of sunflowers. Make it personal to put a smile on your mother’s face.



Nothing beats your mom’s home cooking, but if your senior mother keeps all of her treasured recipes on notebook paper in a kitchen drawer it’s time for an upgrade. Preserve your family recipes in style by ordering your mother a customized, professionally printed cookbook from CreateMyCookbook. Collect all of her cherished recipes in one place, and add family photos or photos of the dishes to make it last.



Family photos are often the most precious items in the household – if your mom had to choose one item in the house to save, it would likely be a photo album. Now that most photos are saved digitally, losing years of family memories is only one computer crash or hard drive freeze away. Luckily, you can save all of your family photos for your mother in one convenient location by purchasing a Picture Keeper product. Plug the flash drive device into your computer, smartphone, or tablet to save all of your photos, videos, and contacts. It’s compatible with iOS, Android™, Windows® and Mac®.



Most moms simply want to spend more time with you: when you ask them what they want for Mother’s Day, they’ll reply, “seeing you is enough for me!” With the GrandPad, you can actually give your senior mom the gift of seeing you often. The intuitive interface, large buttons, and simple layout make the GrandPad the best tablet for seniors. In a moment your mom can video call your kids, send you a voice email, or comment on shared family photos that are sent right to her device.


Everyone loves jewelry, and by adding a personalized message or including the names of your mom’s grandkids, for example, you can create the ultimate Mother’s Day gift. Head over to Things Remembered for a huge selection of personalized bracelets and accessories, including leather bracelets, silver bangles, and more.



When many seniors transition into assisted living or living in a senior home, they often miss household activities they used to do regularly. For a lot of moms, their passion for gardening hasn’t gone away, even if they can no longer tend to a garden of their own. With the Smart Herb Garden, your mom can grow fresh flowers, herbs, and fruits inside her home with little effort! Just plug it in, fill the tank, and the innovative technology will handle the rest.

With all of these options at your disposal you’ll be able to find the right Mother’s Day gift in no time. Specially selected with seniors in mind, these gifts will delight your mother and express how much you truly care.